BJA condemns targeting colleague Ebrahim Senan
August 25, 2013

BJA has expressed condemnation to the threats against the journalist photographer Ebrahim Senan who works at Gulf Daily News newspaper.

An unknown group had filmed Senan as he was carrying out his duty in Daih Village on 14 August 2013 and broadcast the video clip on YouTube branding him as an informer and an agent.

The video showed clearly Senan’s face as he was carrying out his duty as well as his car and the car registration number. Furthermore, the comments on the video included sectarian and unethical words.

BJA strongly condemns the targeting of the journalist photographer Ebrahim Senan, and affirms that this constitutes a direct threat to his safety, and demands the pertinent parties to protect the journalists working in Bahrain and investigate this incident.

The Association holds whoever publishes such threats the complete responsibility for whatever harm he might get in consequence.

BJA demands all to keep the journalists away from any sectarian or political conflicts so that they can carry out their duties in full.