BJA open for members Sundays and Wednesdays
September 11, 2013


BJA is pleased to announce to its members that in order to renew their memberships they can download and fill a form by clicking here, or fill the online form by clickng on the below link:

or by collecting a copy of the form at BJA’s premises by presenting their membership card along with a personal photo.

New applicants need to present a proof of their profession and their newspaper they work at. The applications will be reviewed by the Membership Committee for approval.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director said that the Association will be open for its members every Sunday and Wednesday from 5 to 9 pm to participate in the various activities through the working committee.

He said that the Association will be open for suggestions which can be sent to the Email: or fax: 17003322  or 17728342.

BJA has also allocated a hot line 33111107 to respond to members inquiries.

For more information please contact Ehab Ahmed, Head of the Memberships Committee on 39324949 or the Executive Director on 39633883.