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“We will say the White is White and the Black is Black … reform in the future will never be but by knowing the faults of the present”.

Abdullah Alzayed
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Minister of Labor guest speaker at BJA
May 28, 2013

BJA welcomed the Minister of Labor Mr. Jameel Humaidan as a guest speaker at an open discussion seminar with the media.
During the seminar, MR. Humaidan affirmed that the Bahraini labor market has greatly recuperated following the crisis, pointing to the return of the dismissed employees to their jobs, and maintaining the unemployment rate low, as well as achieving a healthy work environment within the public and private sectors.

The Minister said that the rate of the dismissed employees following the events and who returned to their jobs reached by now around 98%, and there are but individual cases, clarifying that the dismissed from the public sector have all returned to their jobs except those who were involved in court cases, and all those who were dismissed from the companies which the Government owns shares in have returned except 38 employees  who have differences with their companied due to their demands of privileges better that what are offered. The Ministry, though, is working to solve, he said, along with another 13 cases which the employers proved that they were not related to the crisis but with administrative violations.

The Minister added that the dismissed employees from private sector companied including press institutions, 1800 out of them have returned to their jobs and 60 are remaining, pointing out that the Government cannot force the institutions which lost and their business slowed down during the crisis to accept back all the employees. “In all cases, the Ministry is committed toward the remaining employees, and it has helped a lot of them and has offered to them job opportunities but some of them want higher wages and more privileges,” he said, affirming that Bahrain has a progressive record in labor and labor rights.

The Minister expressed satisfaction over the stable labor market due to the decrease in job dismissals, affirming the Ministry’s keenness to maintain this stability, and provide a healthy work environment in which the worker feels coherent and satisfaction and social integration, with no problems and disputes, pointing to that the Ministry works for lifting wages levels.

The minister stressed on the importance of not focusing merely on the academic studies, but to direct the youth toward the vocational training. He said that “we have around 1250 training opportunities offered to the youths, and we have 5500 workers who are in courses to uplift their skills through the training centers which the Ministry and Tamkeen are supervising.”

Mr. Humaidan outlined that the big challenge is not in continuing generating jobs only but in the quality of these jobs. He said “we are working to make ample jobs specially for women who form currently 79% of the unemployed, and we are planning for the future as to achieving better consistence between the universities’ output and the labor market’s needs.

“We have not put our foot on the right path and we have consultancy companies to implement these projects, in order to be equivalent to the developed countries in this field,” he said.

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